Stanislav Suchovsky, Testing of Power Converters for Industrial Use

Introduction to the power converters testing including quality check in the factory, standard electrical tests, reliability and environmental tests and special tests related to specific products. Standard electrical tests include basic parameters like Efficiency, Ripple, Protections, Isolation, Special pin functions, Thermal measurements, Line and load accuracy, etc. Reliability and environmental tests include High and Low temperature operating life tests (HTOL and LTOL), Temperature cycling, High temperature and high humidity (HTH), Power ON/OFF cycling test, Vibration, Mechanical and temperature shock, etc. Special tests include test dedicated for specific non-standard environment or for products containing new materials (like SiC or GaN).


Stanislav Suchovsky is senior design engineer in the R&D department at RECOM Engineering in Austria. He graduated from Slovak Technical University in 2002 as an electrical engineer with a thesis related to test and measurement systems. After studies, he worked 14 years designing power supplies for aerospace. His main focus at RECOM are DC/DC power modules. RECOM is an international company group, which develops, produces and sells innovative DC/DC, AC/DC converters, switching regulators, and LED drivers in all markets. Due to many years of experience RECOM has been able to continuously improve the converters’ power spectrum as well as their efficiency. RECOM simplifies and accelerates the development process of power supplies for new products while at the same time supporting a working environment which enables individual fulfillment.